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System integration and procurement

Wouldn’t life be simple for all of us if every project could be designed from scratch and specified with all-new components? It does happen but, as often as not, you need a system that will integrate with the established technologies you already have in place.

CBIL has extensive experience of integrating systems into a variety of environments for different applications in the marine, aerospace, military and civil industries.

Whether the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) scheme is the major element of a programme or simply part of the bigger picture, our technicians will ensure that it will integrate as seamlessly as possible and fully interface with hardware and software platforms. These could include external sensors or display modules for a ship’s bridge, stress monitoring management for large sea-going vessels, or a structure monitoring system for a dam or other large construction. We also support a number of cable-laying and rig support vessels with precision navigation linked to dynamic positioning systems.

CBIL designs and builds interfaces for display units allowing the data from the GNSS system to be presented in a way that can easily be understood by a non technical operator. Once a system is in place we can provide a comprehensive support service that will ensure that your system stays operational with the minimum of down time. 

CBIL can help you by:

  • Determining the required function
  • Developing required system performance
  • Research suitable system elements
  • Design integration philosophy
  • Provide system costing
  • Procure system elements
  • Undertake system integration and testing
  • Delivery operational system to client