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Precision Positioning and Navigation

The sextant and John Harrison’s marine chronometer are no longer essential to identify your position anywhere in the world, on land, sea or in the air. We provide expertise and consultancy in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) precision navigation so that you know where you are and, more importantly, how to get to where you want to be.

In certain configurations our systems will provide you with real time position fixes measured at one to two centimetre level; our so-called ‘sugar cube’ navigation.

We work in partnership with JAVAD GNSS navigation, probably the precision GNSS industry’s leading innovator. This enables us to supply reliable and highly flexible solutions that can be integrated into your current systems or deployed as independent, autonomous units.

Over the last 40 years we have gained much experience in specifying, designing and procuring advanced navigation and positioning systems for a large number of international, blue chip clients. Our list of applications for precision navigation and positioning is ever expanding and has included ship docking systems, dynamic positioning of ships, aeronautical missions, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) control and many more.

The systems we work with include:

  • Supply of Javad GNSS receivers 
  • Multi constellation, all in view, designs
  • Both OEM and fully packaged receivers
  • Capable of positioning in DGPS, WADGPS (SBAS), RTK and Network RTK modes
  • Accuracy to 1cm level in real time
  • Capable of position generation up to 100Hz together with high accuracy velocity in three planes (x,y & z) 
  • Triumph-1 and Triumph-VS systems for precision survey primarily on land
  • Various high quality multi-GNSS antenna systems designed for land, sea and air use
  • ArWest digital signal processor-based data communications systems plus L-band satellite signal demodulators and IALA Beacon OEM receivers
  • iMAR Inertial navigation and sensor systems for a wide range of applications