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Spirent SimPLEX45 Scenario generation software
for the STR4500 Consellation Simulator

The optional SimPLEX45 takes the capabilities of the STR4500 GPS constellation simulator a step further, with the capability to generate, edit and save scenarios locally. A powerful application with a graphical, point and click interface facilitating simple scenario build and real time scenario control, SimPLEX45 has the capability to generate scenarios and to import remote vehicle motion from file. Logged NMEA data can then be used to dynamically and simply generate the trajectory in the simulator.

Designed with surface navigation systems in mind (applications such as in car navigation, PNDs and mobile phones) SimPLEX45 adds key features to an STR4500 such as the ability to import motion from logged journeys or other applications using NMEA data.

The user-interface enables the record and replay of any user interactions along with the option to create, edit, save and share scenarios from NMEA data.

SimPLEX45 Features

  • Controls STR4500 hardware
  • Generate and save scenarios
  • Share scenarios with other STR4500 users
  • Import motion from NMEA
  • Model terrain obscuration
  • Receiver antenna pattern modelling
  • Save and compare DUT data
  • Interactive control facilities
  • Fully featured runtime display

SimPLEX45 software provides scenario generation capability complete with remote motion import to users of the STR4500 GPS constellation simulator.

Unlock the Power of Your STR4500

  • Create and edit scenarios
  • Save and share scenarios
  • Import logged NMEA data
  • Switch between multiple antenna patterns during the run
  • Create constellation and propagation modelling options

Share Scenarios

  • SimPLEX45 allows users to define core scenario conditions such as date, time and power level control
  • To assist in collaboration, SimPLEX45 allows scenarios generated to be saved in a form which can be shared with other users running SimPLEX45 or in a replay only format for STR4500 users running standard SimPLEX


  • SimPLEX45 is available as an upgrade to all STR4500 users



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