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Integrated GPS / Inertial & Inertial Sensor test system

Spirent offers the SimINERTIAL extension for GSS8000 systems to enable laboratory simulation of integrated GPS and Inertial systems and inertial measurement units (IMU). The SimINERTIAL system, when used with a Spirent constellation simulator, emulates inertial sensor outputs while concurrently simulating GPS RF signals thereby enabling controlled, repeatable testing of integrated GPS and inertial units.

Testing the full operational performance of GPS/inertial systems usually requires expensive and time-consuming field testing on an appropriate moving vehicle platform. Even then, results are not repeatable and it is not readily possible to test error or off-design effects.

To reduce the need for these field trials, an Integrated GPS/Inertial (IGI) system can be established in the laboratory. This is achieved by using a GPS RF Constellation simulator, such as Spirent's powerful and flexible GSS8000, along with SimINERTIAL, which provides real-time emulation of the inertial sensor data-theta and delta-velocity outputs. These are coherently generated to exactly match the simulated GPS vehicle trajectory.

SimINERTIAL combines a number of useful and flexible features, making it adaptable to user's needs:

SimINERTIAL Features

  • Used with Spirent's state-of the- art SimGEN for Windows® application and modeling software to define and control the test environment
  • SimINERTIAL is equipped with fully user-configurable sensor error modelling
  • Spirent's optional SimDATA product can also be used to fulfil core control and display unit (CDU) functions (may be specified with either 1553B or RS422 interfaces). SimDATA is available for authorised customers.

SimINERTIAL has been developed to offer the user flexibility and time saving by combining its powerful and flexible GPS simulation systems with coherently generated inertial sensor data. Benefits include:

Time Saving

  • Using SimINERTIAL with a constellation simulator provides real-time emulation from the laboratory


  • SimINERTIAL is equipped with fully user-configurable sensor error modelling and supports a range of popular Inertial formats via a number of separately priced variants
  • New test scenarios can readily be established, running in real-time (no pre-processing required)


  • The SimINERTIAL architecture is readily adapted to a wide range of Inertial sensor simulations.
  • NATO STANAG and Atlantic Inertial Systems SimINERTIAL variants are supported. In addition, for authorised customers, a wide range of Honeywell and Northrop Grumman IGI and IMU interfaces is supported.
  • The simulated motion data is streamed from SimGEN via Ethernet to SimINERTIAL, which translates this simulated motion data into representative real-time data streams at the data rate and with the data format appropriate to the unit being tested
  • Spirent's optional SimDATA product can also be used to fulfil core control and display unit (CDU) functions. SimDATA is available for authorised customers.

Further detail on SimINERTIAL is available on request. Please contact us.

For Authorised Customers

  • Honeywell H-764G EGI, SIGI & NAV100™ IMU - Interfacing via Honeywell's proprietary
  • Inertial Sensor Recorder Simulator ISRS2 card
  • Northrop Grumman LN100, LN250, LN251, LN260, LN270
  • Honeywell HG-1700 and HG-1900
  • Northrop Grumman LN200

Supported Varients

  • AIS SilMUO2 and SiNAV
  • NATO STANAG 4572


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