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Spirent GSS7790 Advanced multi-output,
multi-channel simulation system

Spirent, the world leaders in navigation and positioning test solutions, have developed the uniquely powerful GSS7790 multi-output, multi-channel simulation system specifically for Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) anti-jam development.

The GSS7790 is a full constellation simulator, offering total user control over the satellite orbital definitions with respect to the user-specified simulated location, date and time. The signal generator's digital architecture enhances Spirent's leading accuracy and reliability with exceptional fidelity and resolution across a wider range of test applications.

GSS7790 has multi-output signal simulation but offers independent access to each simulated GPS satellite signal in view at radio frequency (RF).

These signals may either be radiated into an anechoic chamber for Controlled Radiation Pattern (CRPA) testing, or may be manipulated by an external phase shifting matrix to test the anti-jam performance of the receiver. Additional flexibility is offered as the signal is further split into its GPS L1, L2 and L5 components, as appropriate.

With world leading accuracy, fidelity and reliability the GSS7790 is the multi-output, multi-channel simulation system of choice.

  • Up to 24 channels and 2 frequencies in one unit
  • Supports GPS L1 and L2 frequencies and available as a 1 or 2 frequency system
  • Existing and future modernised GPS signals supported:
    • GPS L1 supports C/A + P code + M-noise (optional)
    • GPS L2 supports C/A or P code + L2C + M-noise (optional) SA/A-S with SAASM and Lm test options for approved customers
  • SA/A-S with SAASM compatibility
    • (SimCLASS/SimSAAS option) and ICD-GPS-700
    • M-code (SimMCODE option) Authorised users only
  • Complete flexibility over test scenarios using comprehensive SimGEN for Windows® software
  • High power level for enhanced flexibility
  • Class leading accuracy, fidelity and reliability
  • SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) support at L1
  • Combined GPS output available on front panel for additional flexibility for regular receiver testing
  • Upgrades available for existing STR4790 customers

*M-noise is a spectrally correct representation of M-code, with arbitrary data message.

AES M-code available as an option.


  • Complete flexibility over test scenarios using comprehensive SimGEN for Windows® software

Multiple Applications

  • The GSS7790 recreates a simulated live environment for testing entire CRPA systems including the antenna element itself through Installation inside anechoic chamber and attachment to multiple transmitting antennas
  • GSS7790 is integrated with multi-element phase shift or delay matrix to produce RF wavefront at multiple simulated antenna elements allowing CRPA control unit testing
  • Radiated testing, is possible by environment emulation using reflectors and signal attenuators to test actual antenna performance in an anechoic chamber


  • Indoor GPS emulation
  • Wavefront applications



Number of channels

12 per frequency

Number of RF outputs


Supported systems





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