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Spirent GSS6700 Multi-GNSS constellation simulator

"A powerful, flexible platform for Multi-GNSS development, integration and verification testing"

The GSS6700 supports any combination of GPS/SBAS, GLONASS and Galileo L1 signals and provides accurate, repeatable combined multi-GNSS signals. The GSS6700 can be configured with up to 12 channels of one constellation only or with multiple constellations, for example:

  • GPS only
  • GLONASS only
  • Galileo only
  • GPS and Galileo
  • GPS, GLONASS and Galileo

Up to 36 channels are supported with 12 channels of simulation per constellation.

The GSS6700 is available with a range of software capability to suit differing test requirements.

SimGEN is Spirent's fully flexible simulator software suite and would typically be required in technology development and R&D applications. SimGEN offers a complete and flexible scenario generation capability including control of the constellations, propagation, terrain obscuration, antenna patterns, multipath, vehicle trajectory and a range of error models.

For environments where repeat testing using the same test cases is needed, for example verification testing, Spirent's SimREPLAY software is available. SimREPLAY supports operation of the simulator replaying pre-defined scenarios and is ideal for repeat comparative measurements. Scenarios for use with SimREPLAY can be obtained from a number of sources including an online scenario generation tool available at no additional charge to customers under warranty or with a support contract.

SimREPLAYplus allows users to generate scenarios locally with features comparable to the online tool available to supported SimREPLAY users. In addition, SimREPLAYplus enables the user to define vehicle motion remotely or using a file in the required format.

Optional upgrades for a GSS6700 with SimGEN include:

  • GSS7765 Interference Simulation System
  • SimAUTO In-Vehicle Navigation System test solution
  • SimREMOTE for Hardware-in-the-Loop testing
  • GSS4150 LAAS VDB Signal Simulator
  • Up to 36 channels, 12 independent channels of each constellation
  • Class leading accuracy, fidelity and reliability
  • Save and compare DUT data
  • Receiver antenna pattern modelling
  • Import motion from logged NMEA (requires SimGEN or SimREPLAYplus)
  • Selection of scenario generation and simulation control software available
    • SimREPLAY: Interactive run time control with assistance data extract
    • SimREPLAYplus: Import remote trajectory, edit time, date and position
    • SimGEN: Comprehensive constellation, propagation and vehicle modelling with flexible data capture
  • Coherent GPS/SBAS, GLONASS and Galileo L1 signals from a single chassis
  • Multi-GNSS platform which can grow with your evolving needs
  • Range of software applications to suit your needs
  • Field upgrade minimises downtime when you add capability
  • Portable scenarios, facilitating collaboration between development teams

Number of channels

Up to 36 (12 per constellation)

Number of RF outputs

1 (up to 4 with linked chassis)


GPS L1/GLONASS L1/Galileo E1

Supported systems




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