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Lange ML-3730-HQ GPS Receiver
with Have-Quick Interface

The ML-3730-HQ GPS Receiver provides a HaveQuick interface per GPS-ICD 060 and is able to output several other time codes like IRIG A or IRIG B

Besides this the unit provides 1pps, 1ppm and 10 MHz outputs synchronized to GPS within better than +- 250 nsec to UTC.

It consists of a 19" chassis with internal 6-channel C/A-code GPS-Receiver and an external Antenna/Down Converter unit, 20m RG58 cable and mounting provisions.

The Antenna/Down-Converter is powered by the ML-3730-HQ via the antenna cable, thus no other cabling is required. This technique allows the antenna to be up to 250 m away from the receiver still using inexpensive RG58-cable. The antenna circuit is insulated (1000 VDC).

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