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Lange KL-3700 Precise Phase Shifter

The KL-3360 Time and Frequency Monitor is designed to monitor and compare Time- and Frequency- Systems.

The Systems consists of a 19“ rackmount chassis, as you can see it in the picture above, and a PC that handles the recording and the analysis of the data. The KL-3360 Time and Frequency Monitor can process up to eight frequency inputs from 4 to 40 MHz and up to eight 1pps input signals.

An additional input is used for the frequency reference signal. An RS-232 interface connects the 19“ unit to the PC, where the software „DataMon“, based on National Instruments LabView, displays the input channels and allows e.g. the programming of individual alarm-settings for every channel. That enables the monitoring of Time and Frequency-Systems with different frequency outputs and quality. When the preset limits of permissible errors are exceeded the software releases an alarm, which is visible on the Computer Display and can be distributed via SNMP-trap and email.

Furthermore the System can compare up to eight different NTP Time Server and display the results. All data are stored on the PC and can be play-backed in different speeds in the „DataMon“ Software or analyzed in spreadsheets.

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