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CL-3500 HaveQuick - IRIG - Converter

The HaveQuick-/IRIG-Converter CL-3500 synchronizes it's IRIG A or IRIG B timecode output to the output of an HaveQuick PTTI Interface.

Most Military GPS Timing-Receivers offer a HaveQuick PTTI Interface. With this timing-information and it´s 1PPS pulse the HaveQuick-/IRIG-Converter generates an IRIG A or IRIG B timecode.

When a loss of the GPS timing-signal occurs, the generation of the IRIG timecode continues on the basis of the internal oscillator (1x10-6).

The CL-3500 HaveQuick-/IRIG-Converter can be equipped with a selection of option modules and functions.


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