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Precise Timing with Lange Electronic

CBIL offers bespoke precision timing systems though our partnership with Lange Electronic of Munich. We provide timing instruments, and frequency devices and systems, for applications requiring very high accuracy and reliability. Typical applications are in the air, space and automotive industries; test laboratories; military test facilities; and complex, time sensitive computer networks in such industries as banking and insurance.

After more than 30 years in business Lange has extended the range of timing and frequency sources such as the IRIG standards, time distribution and time monitoring system products. The company also distributes products for manufacturers from the UK, USA and Australia.

Lange’s distribution system for precise timing and frequency has been developed for applications requiring the same time, simultaneously, at different locations. Synchronisation is controlled by external frequency sources such as GPS. In addition we provide alarm and control options for monitoring all inputs and outputs. Outputs in a number of IRIG formats are available.