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iTrace-RT-F200 / iTraceRT-F400

Precise Real Time Vehicle’s Trajectory and Dynamics Surveying Performing bi-directional online INS/GPS Filtering

iTraceRT-F200 is a very compact INS/GP bi-directional coupled inertial navigation, measurement, surveying and control system for applications on the surface (land/sea) and in the air. It provdes all kinematic measurements like acceleration, angular rate, attitude, true heading, velocity and position of the target vehicle in realtime with an data update rate of 200 Hz. 

The iTraceRT-F400 shows the same functionallity, but provides additionally an Ethernet interface, 400 Hz data processing rate, GLONASS access and an optional dual-antenna GPS input to provide heading also over longer time without drift in case of vehicle's standstill.

  • robust, compact, leight weight system
  • fiber optic gyro technology (FOG)
  • output of angular rate, acceleration, attitude, true heading, CoG, velocity and position via USB in realtime with 200 Hz (adjustable); iTraceRT-F400 additional with 400 Hz data rate and Ethernet interface
  • CAN interface (100 Hz, up to 1 MBd)
  • 2 cm position accuracy, 0.01° roll/pitch/ heading, < 1 mg acceleration and 0.02 m/s velocity accuracy with RTK L1/L2 DGPS
  • shortest re-acquisition time after loss of RTK due to bi-directional INS/GPS mechanisation
  • Interfaces: USB/RS232 for realtime data, RS232 for RTK correction input; iTraceRT-F400 additionally with Ethernet and optional dual-antenna input
  • Optional interface for video camera and steering robot

To determine the motion of a vehicle on the level of centimeter accuracy, conventional systems are using a RTK aiding of the INS with GPS data in an uni-directional way. After loss of GPS the standard GPS receiver in those systems need a longer time to find the next RTK fix, which is much too long to perform precise measurements. Therefore those systems are only suitable in an environment which guarantees an open sky all over the measurement (no bridges, no urban canyons). and any loss of GPS will drop the performance dramatically.

The iTraceRT-200 is delivered with a LabView based configuration software. All output data can be displayed and stored online on the user’s notebook or process computer. With reduced position accuracy iTraceRT can also be operated without RTK GPS correction data.


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