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Small Size Single Axes Precision Turntable with 0.7 Nm Torque

iMAR manufactures gyroscopes and inertial measuring systems in all classes of performance. Beside of our sensor and navigation products we also provide gyro test equipment. With the iTES-PDT07 iMAR provides a high precision single axis angular rate system for testing of gyroscopes and smaller IMUs (e.g. MEMS based IMUs) under laboratory conditions. iTES-PDT07 comes with a RS232 interface, which is used to control the turntable. Commands are available like “constant rate”, “angular step”, “absolute angular position” or “adjust angular acceleration”. Furthermore a CAN interface is available to monitor the motion in realtime. The system is powered by 24...48 V DC (option: 14…34 V). 

For multi axes IMU testing or for operating heavy loads please refer to our testing systems iTES-14, iTES-19, iTES-24, iTES-29 and iTES-39, which can be delivered with or without an additional temperature controlled chamber.


pdf-icon.png TES_PDT07_turntable.pdf


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