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Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for Inertial Measuring Systems

Inertial measuring systems shall acquire measurement data without in terruption. Otherwise there will occur a significant loss of inertial data and an accurate determination of angular in formation is corrupted due to the need of continuous signal integra­tion of rotation rates. Also errors in position and velocity are the consequence if the power supply fails even only a short time.

Therefore iMAR provides an interrupt resistant power supply for inertial measuring systems to allow autonomous continuous operation over a short duration, which is simply connected between the vehicle’s battery and the inertial measuring system.


Input Voltage



11-34 V

50 W


The system has two fuses (input / output), where a fault of a fuse is shown by an optical signal (red LED), if the button “Test” is pressed.

Furthermore each system is equipped with a display to monitor the input volt age, the battery voltage and the output voltage. To protect the iPowBox against deep discharge, it automatically switches off after 20 seconds loss of input voltage. At the backside of the housing the fuses are located. Furthermore two 4 mm plugs provide the output voltage of approx. 13 V.

Also two 2 mm monitor pins are available at the backside of the housing: If the iPowBox is active, the two pins are also connected internally via a relay contact (0.5 A, 200 V max).

The internal battery is charged from the input voltage via a DC/DC converter. The output voltage is close to the input voltage as long as the input voltage is available. If the input voltage drops down, the output is hold to 12 V for about 15 up to 45 seconds (timeout adjustable as a factory setting).

The iPowBox is recommended to be used with iDIS-FMS, iNAV-FMS, iNAV-RQH, iDRPOS.32 or iVRU on vehicles, where the battery voltage drops down during ignition of the vehicle's engine. The unit automatically powers down when the input voltage is absent for a defined duration (factory settings). Nevertheless it is recommended to switch-off the unit after usage.



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