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High Resolution Fiber Optical Angular Rate Sensor with Digital Output

The series iOLFOG angular rate sensor is realized as an open-loop fiber optical gyroscope measuring rotation rate with high precision.

  • robust fiber optic gyro with high bandwidth
  • interfaces:  CAN, RS232, ana log
  • synchronisation input and output available
  • wide range of power supply
  • used for automatic vehicle guidance (forklifters, AGVs), ship motion control etc.

Compared to other gyroscopes the optical gyroscope has the advantage of very low noise, short reaction time, high resolution, acceleration in sensitivity and unsurpassed robustness. iOLFOG-S-D provides both a compensated digital output (CAN or RS232/422) and an compensated analog output as an option.

The iOLFOG-S-D comes in an ruggedized aluminum housing and contains the fiber optical sensing unit with extra long fiber coil followed by high so phisticated analog and digital signal processing. The output delivers an analog output signal proportional to angular velocity. The integrated micro-processor reduces the nonline arity less than 0.2% f.s and compensates the bias on the digital and analog output over temperature. As an option an input for an additional incremental encoder is available for applications in vehicle guidance. In summary the iOLFOG-S-D is created as a "plug & measure" angular rate sensor of the medium precision class for easy handling.



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