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Inertial Navigation and Surveying System with High Performance Fiber Optical Gyros and Servo Accelerometers

iNAV-FJI is an INS product family for inertial navigation and dynamically motion analysis with advanced fber optical gyros that covers applications which require high accuracy, reliability and an open interface to the user. iNAV-FJI onsists of three high performance fiber optical gyroscopes, three servo accelerometers and a powerful strapdown processor. As an option the modular designed system provides interfaces to (RTK)GPS, up to 3 odometers, external triggers and analog inputs. Possible outputs are Ethernet, RS232/422, SDLC/HDLC, CAN, ARINC429 or analog as well as internal data storage on silicon-disk (up to 8 GByte). Furthermore application specific interfaces can be realized on request. The systems can be delivered alternatively with and without internal shock mounts. Special adaptation of housing and mechanical dimensions to customer's requirements is possible. Data processing (strapdown algorithms, global or local navigation, north-seeking or motion monitoring and control) inside of the measuring system is as well possible as data transmission of pure or corrected raw data.

The system is available for applications on land, sea and in the air.


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