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Inertial Platform Stabilization & Control System in a Modular Design for Cameras, Image Trackers, Guns, Radars and other Devices

In today’s applications in desaster control, police tasks or military observation mobile carriers like helicopters, UAVs, UCAVs, drones, vans, ships or speed boats are used. Main task is to carry a high qual ity camera (daylight or infra-red) and a Radar observation system, a laser pointer / laser designator, a gun or even a missile launch sys tem to allow best ob servation and protection from the on-board or ground control station.

iIPSC-MOD provides:

  • remote controlled 2 axes stabilised platform based on backlash-free gearbox drives; optional advanced roll axis stabilisation available
  • daylight & infrared camera + laser ranger and gun all on one platform
  • gyro stabilisation; using MEMS or FOG or RLG sensor technology
  • reasonable bandwidth, fast response
  • robust system design, fully sealed
  • used on naval vessels, helicopters, speed boats and trucks

Here it is important that the movements of the vehicle don’t have a negative impact on pointing, aiming or picture quality performance.
Mounting the camera on a stabilized gimballed platform achieves the dynamic separation of the camera from the vehicle’s move ments. The iIPSC system consists of a two- or three axes platform which will be controlled using a precise inertial measuring system. A strong drive system combined with an inertial control system with three fibreoptical or MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers, leads to a stable image alignment even in quite dynamic vehicle movements.

iIPSC-MOD is constructed as a highly modular system which can be adapted to the custo mer’s needs.

Using a 3D joystick or an optional image tracker, it is possible to control the stabilized position of the platform. Platform position and other operating data of the system are optionally displayed on a LCD terminal or notebook. Due to the large signal bandwidth of the sensors and the strong drives, the system is especially suited for use on land vehicles, cranes or speedboats. Further applications are the stabilization of ptronic systems, antennas and target tracking devices. The system can also be used for general platform stabilisation in naval applications like stabilisation of weapons like guns or light weight missile launchers. The standard system is designed to carry up to 30 kg payload.


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