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IMU with Low ARW, Trigger, High Accel Range, Integrated Power Regulation

The iIMU-FCR-03 is a small size IMU consisting of 3 low-noise fiber optical gyros (FOG) in closed-loop technology of class 1 deg/hr and 3 vibrating beam accelerometers of class 2 mg.

  • 1 °/hr, 2 mg, 200 Hz
  • High accel. rane: +/-70 g
  • low ARW of 0.03 °/ sqrt(hr)
  • exceptional short time bias stability of < 0.02 deg/hr and 10 µg
  • odometer interface
  • higher MTBF than RLG systems
  • Stabilisation tasks
  • INS/GPS navigation
  • Guidance and Control

The IMU is designed for rugge dized ap plications in surveying and control. The iIMU-FCR-E-03 can be operated on a unregulated wide range input supply voltage and is pro­tected against wrong polarity, EMC and moderate over-volt age. The data out put time stamp can be triggered and the data are sent via UART RS422 or RS232. As an option the system can be delivered with an additional integrated odometer interface. All signals are provided via an robust connector of type MIL-C-38999-III. 

The iIMU-FCR-03 is manufactured in Germany. Due to accelerometer range of > 10 g it requires an export license (for lower range see iIMU-FCAI-E).


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