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Tactical Grade IMU with external Trigger Input

The iFOG-IMU-1-A is a very small size IMU consisting of 3 fiber optical gyros (FOG) in closed-loop technology of class 0.75 deg/hr and 3 servo-accelerometers of class 2 mg.

  • < 0.75 deg/hr / 2 mg / 400 Hz / HDLC-Interface
  • higher MTBF than RLG sys tems
  • Stabilisation tasks
  • INS/GPS navigation
  • Surveying applications
  • Guidance and Control
  • UAV applications
  • used e.g. in pipeline surveying projects
  • used in many countries / applications worldwide

The IMU is designed for ruggedized applications and is internally equipped with shock absorbers. The unit can be used shock-mounted or hard-mounted, i.e. without shock-absorbers. The data output can be triggered and the data are sent via an HDLC protocol.

The iFOG-IMU-1-A is manufactured in Germany and can be used as a replacement for Litton’s LN-200 or Hon eywell’s HG1700 /1900. Compared to HG1700 the iFOG-IMU-1-A has more than 10 times higher MTBF.

No export license is re quired for using the device outside of Germany / Europe in commercial applications (only an end use statement is required). iMAR’s iFOG-IMU-1-A is currently in operation in China, India, Canada, Korea, UK, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland etc.



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