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Inertial Measuring Systems with Fiber Optical Gyros for Automotive Testing Applications

iMAR's inertial measurement system iDIS-FMS for inertial vehicle mo tion analysis, 3D topology determination of test roads or trajectory surveying or stabiliza tion and guidance is equipped with high preci sion multiplexed fiber optical gyros and servo-ac­celerometers and covers ap pli cations which re quire high ac cu racy, reli abil ity and an open in terface to the user.

  • Accuracy 0,05° / 1 mg / 0.001 °/s
  • 2 cm position accuracy with RTK-DGPS and in realtime without GPS outages or with post-processing
  • Interfaces: CAN / RS232 / Ethernet TCP/IP
  • robust device, also for rugged applications
  • Fiber optic Gyro Technology (FOG), class 1 deg/hr / 1.5 mg
  • no acceleration dependent gyro drift
  • small size, low weight
  • provides data for steering robot (see interface iSRIF)
  • version for Multi-Vehicle-Tracking available (e.g. for performance analysis of driver assistance systems)

The systems are designed in robust strap-down technology. Key features are high accuracy, siple usage, unmatched reliability and low maintenance requirements. Data storage is as well contained as universal interfaces and a powerful operational software.