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Inertial navigation with iMAR

Germany-based iMAR develops and manufactures inertial navigation and control systems for use on land, at sea, in the air and in space, to determine the dynamic properties and trajectory of a moving object. They are also used for navigation, guidance and control or stabilisation of objects. The translational and rotational movements and velocities are detected by using accelerometers and gyroscopes.

As a distributor of iMAR equipment, CBIL can create a measurement system for all applications such as aircraft testing; torpedo navigation; missile guidance; land surveying; car dynamics analysis; antenna and camera stabilisation; flight path indicator stabilisation; stabilisation control units for helicopter approach systems; alignment systems for wing aircrafts and helicopters; drilling and pipeline surveying systems; drone navigation systems; target tracking control systems; and other inertial based systems.

iMAR's team of engineers and scientists has an unparalleled, in-depth knowledge of inertial sensors, algorithms, hardware design and software engineering. This experience, combined with CBIL’s expertise, means we can provide the highest measurement performance matched to your specific requirements.

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