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SSR (OEM) 902 MHz to 928 MHz

AW900Tx radio transceiver is designed as universal license-free modem. It uses 902-928 MHz ISM (industrial, scientific and medical) license free USA band frequency hopping transmission techniques for excellent reliability in noisy plant environments and European CEPT license free 868-870 MHz band, allocated for narrow band telemetry, alarms and data transfer applications.

Thanks to its small size, and multiple functions, the AW900Tx is specifically well suited for amount of applications within industrial complexes, for various indoor as well as medium-range applications.

The unmatched features of AW900Tx include data scrambling, frequency hopping, user selectable transmit output power level, low power consumption sleep modes, repeater mode, autoscanning for base and plug-and-play installation for remote terminals.

AW900Tx supports two separate Application Data and Maintenance modes of single UART serial port. The built-in software tools provide the wireless link testing, unit’s status and error statistics monitoring as well as unit’s settings change over the air. The firmware of the AW900Tx radio transceiver resides in a flash memory. The updating of the radio transceiver programs is entirely software-based. The flash memory is re-programmable through an UART interface or over the air.

The AW900Tx is developed for exacting customer needs and to have pin-to-pin compatibility with our OEM radios AW400Tx, AW400Rx, and AW100Tx.

Operating Frequency Range 902 – 928 MHz (USA)
915 – 928 MHz (Australia)
868 – 870 MHz (EU) with 25/20/12.5 KHz CS
Modulation Technique


Spreading Technique FHSS
Communication Mode Half-duplex, simplex, repeater
Media Access Control Protocols Time Division Duplex (TDD)
Time Division Multiplex Access (TDMA)
Maximum Distance Range 3 miles / 5 km
Link Rate 9600, 19200, 38400, 64000 (USA/Australia)
4800, 9600 (EU)
Power Consumption (average) 3 W - transmit with 50% duty cycle (1 W TPO)
1 W - receive mode