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AW L-Band/Beacon OEM Receiver

AW L-Band/Beacon OEM Receiver comprises two radio sections: L-Band receiver (1525 MHz to 1559 MHz) and Marine Radiobeacon receiver (283.5 to 325 kHz).

L-Band receiver complies with INMARSAT SDM Technical Specification for narrow band point-to- multipoint receivers as defined in INMARSAT-A Mobile Earth Station Technical Bulletin, SESTB 28A, August 1993. L-Band receiver is designed for multiple applications including particularly geostationary satellite communication networks satellite services.

Potential applications are differential GPS correction parameter distribution, financial data distribution, news, weather and sport information distribution, store and forward audio distribution, facsimile and image distribution, control of remote equipment.

Marine Radiobeacon receiver (283.5 to 325 kHz) or Beacon receiver complies with Broadcast Standard for the USCG DGPS Navigation Service COMDTINST M16577.1. Beacon receiver is designed to receive pseudorange corrections transmitting by Radiobeacon stations. Maritime Radiobeacon DGNSS systems according to RTCM SC-104 version 2.3 are usually capable of broadcasting the following RTCM messages: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 15 (seldom), and 16. Radiobeacons are widely used throughout the world. DGNSS Radiobeacon transmissions meet stringent integrity and reliability requirements mandated by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities.

  L-Band Beacon
Frequency Range 1525 – 1559 MHz 283.5 – 325 kHz
Frequency Offset ±2.5kHz (~ 1.5 ppm) ±0.5Hz (~ 1.5 ppm)
Channel Spacing 5 kHz 500 Hz
User Data Rates 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 bps 50, 100, 200 bps
Modulation Type filtered BPSK MSK
Sesitivity -120 dBm fom < 10-3 BER 1.5 m V/m for 6 dB SNR (200 bps)
Dynamic Range 80 dB 100 dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection 60 dB 65 dB ± 1 dB @ for ± 400 Hz
Start Time <1 min Cold Start Time <1 min
Warm Start Time <2 seconds




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