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Survey & monitoring

Listed below are just some of the applications for which CBIL has provided solutions: 


  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS), for example road furniture location data collection.
  • Trajectory surveying for faster production of GIS related data.
  • Dam and bridge deformation monitoring, in real time with remote access via the internet. Multiple monitoring points reporting millimetre-level movement and are integrated with accelerometers for higher frequency monitoring.
  • Positioning of assets in hazardous areas.
  • Attitude determination for fire control.
  • Mine field mapping.
  • Land based seismic surveying and vibroseis positioning.
  • Land movement monitoring, for example fault monitoring for earthquake prediction.


  • Hydrographic surveying with real time tide correction.
  • Heave compensation in real time.
  • Machine control for dredging and under water construction, including control of dredger cutter head position and placement of underwater structures.
  • Docking and manoeuvring of large vessels.
  • Marine seismic surveys including tail-buoy positioning.


  • Remote sensing.
  • Photogrammetry.
  • Flight test and Inspection.