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Listed below are just some of the applications for which CBIL has provided solutions:


Civil engineering and mining machinery control 

  • Attitude and position for pile drivers and shot hole drilling rigs.
  • Trajectory surveying for faster production of mapping and spatially referenced features.  

Vehicle performance measurement

  • Vehicle tracking.
  • Vehicle dynamics.
  • Vehicle attitude.
  • Brake performance monitoring and slip angle determination.

Military and emergency services 

  • Tracking manipulator arms.
  • Attitude determination for fire control.


Civil and Military Navigation 

  • High accuracy heading reference for ships and aircraft.
  • Replenishment at sea – relative navigation.
  • Ship handling in confined water.
  • Docking and manoeuvring of large vessels.


  • Roll and pitch monitoring on cargo and passenger ships.
  • Measurement of hull twist, hogging and sagging on large tankers.
  • Automatic landing of aircraft on ships.


  • Trajectory tracking in three dimensions.
  • External navigation aid calibration.
  • Flight Management System verification.
  • Aircraft attitude determination.
  • Control of Unmanned Air Vehicles, both autonomous and remotely piloted.
  • In-flight refuelling.
  • Automatic landing of helicopters on ships.
  • Flight guidance for carrier based aircraft.
  • Formation flying.
  • Flight testing (position and velocity).
  • Photogrammetry.


  • Space craft attitude.
  • Space craft docking.